Serendipity and Cats

A story about how I went to get the mail and returned with two cats.

[Canoga Park, California 2003]: I was on my way to check the mail when I ran into my downstairs neighbor. We chatted for a minute about work and family and then she mentioned in passing that she had just adopted two cats from the animal shelter and claimed they were really sick so she was going to take them back. Having had experience with cats I offered to take a look not wanting the poor things to have to go back to the shelter. She said sure and I went to her apartment.

When I got there they were hiding in her bedroom. Sienna came right out and it was love at first sight for me – I knew I was going to take her home. Hunter was under the bed and looked about as scared as any creature I’d ever seen. So I laid on the floor and started talking to him to try and coax him out. He finally came out but it was clear he was not at all comfortable and going back under the bed was definitely an option. It was also clear that the two of them had a special bond. I couldn’t in good conscious break them up so I told my neighbor I would take both. I packed them both up in a cat carrier and returned home.

Postscript: I never did get the mail that day and I never figured out what my neighbor was talking about – neither cat was sick and a trip to the vet confirmed that. As most of you are aware, I just recently lost Hunter but Sienna is still with me and going strong 10 years later! I have another cat -Samantha- who I will be introducing you to next Monday. :-D

Part of the Woven Dreams Weekly Prompt. This weeks prompt: serendipity


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  2. It is true what you say about serendipity. We have 16 cats – none planned and all crossed our paths in a strange way :)
    I adore each one of them and it is a profound loss when they pass on :,(


  3. You are a such an angel, I know my Sammi is dead, I’ve had a hint from the Universe, and I know it’s true she disappeared a year ago, I loved her with all my heart so knowing that there are people like you, relieves me of some of my grief…Bless you always xxx


  4. I love moments like that Jackie. It’s wonderful how you found them and they you and that must have been the most wonderful day of their lives. Sienna is adorable and I can see very much loved as well. Great shot of her. :D *big hugs*


    • Thank you! I feel very fortunate to have them in my life. I’m thankful serendipity jumped in and took the rains for a minute. A few minutes earlier or later and the opportunity would have been gone. As they say – timing is everything! ;-) *hugs*


    • Thanks! Both Sienna and Samantha are slowly getting used to life without Hunter. The first few days after he was gone they wondered around the apartment looking for him. Time is the only thing that smooths the sharp edges of loss and makes it less painful.


  5. What a wonderful story, Jackie, and I can’t thank you enough for taking in Hunter and Sienna … to being so open to the love life offers us when we least expect it. I could never take a cat back to the shelter – I suspect your neighbor just didn’t have the patience to allow the cats to assimilate into her home in their own time. But, of course, they had a much better home with you! Look forward to meeting Samantha! XO


    • Thank you so much, Diane! My neighbor was a very strange woman so who knows what she was thinking or why she adopted them in the first place. It was her loss for sure. We didn’t usually run into each other at that time of day so serendipity was watching and decided to intervene. ;-)


  6. Cats – I think – repay us even more than dogs for the love and understanding that we give them. (I love Scotties because I think that they are more like cats than dogs).


  7. smiles…glad you gave them a good home…and the love they needed…somethings are more important than the mail anyway…smiles…our first cat came out of a woodpile…the second was given to us instead of being taken to the vet…he was covered in ticks and fleas….


  8. What a great story and what a beauty Sienna is! :) Mr. Cheddar says he’s in love. ;) Hugs to all of you and headbonks from the Chedster. He says to make sure to have the lovely ladies check him out soon too. LOL


    • Sienna and Samantha are napping right now but as soon as they wake up I will tell them and have them go to your blog. Mr. Cheddar is a very handsome feline so I just know the ladies will think he is the cat’s meow! ;-) Hugs and headbonks to you and the Chedster. >^..^<


    • One cat companion is 16 years old and the other is 10 years old. I’ve had them since they were kittens so they are not new. I feel very lucky to have had them in my life for so many years. :-D


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